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Up until that point I guess had had been blindly going about my business, teaching based largely on gut instinct and the snippets of advice that had been popular throughout the first few years of my teaching career (learning styles, to name but one! I had never really questioned whether what I was doing was the best for my students... This page contains the academic research I have read to date that has influenced the way I plan and teach mathematics.

It is meant as a complement to my Recommended Books for Teachers to Read page. I have divided it up into broad categories, but these are somewhat arbitrary due to the many interconnections between the papers.

(JARHE) is an internationally peer-reviewed academic journal focused on the scholarship and practice of teaching and learning and higher education.

You are invited to submit an article for possible publication.

On this page I have tried to follow these guidelines wherever possible, but please be aware that I am as prone to bias as anyone!

It is published by John Catt Education Ltd, and can be bought via Amazon or directly from John Catt. I have also written a series of How I wish I'd taught maths workshops based on these findings, and my subsequent experience trying my takeaways from them with my students, which have gone down well in schools, conferences and workshops all around the world.

For more information, please visit the Mr Barton for Hire page.

I really hope you find this selection of research useful.

Outlaw PDF The Effects of Purposeful Vocabulary Instruction, Kelsey Raasch PDF Speaking to the Numbers: Impacts of Growth Mindset on Student Mathematics and Achievement, Sarah Rodriguez PDF Nudging Parents Towards Parent Education Emails, Lauren P.

Sitarz PDF The Effect of Engaging in Food Prep on Willingness to Try New Food, Alyssa Stahl PDF Montessori Family Education, Katharina Vidojevic PDF The Effects of a Peer-Supported Mindfulness Practice on Teacher Stress Reduction, Dana Vitolo PDF The Impact of Teacher Collaboration on the Implementation of Best Practices with a Learning Management System in a Public School Setting, Sarah Vycital, Nicholas Zwick, and Ross Nelson PDF The Effect of Purposeful Movement in the Garden On Attention and Focus in the Primary Montessori Classroom, Linda Webb PDF The Effects of Record-Keeping on Teacher Self-Efficacy and Student Self-Regulation in the Primary Montessori Classroom, Molly W.

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