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If nothing comes to your mind, go to your instructor.They should be able to help you with choosing the right direction for your work.You're going to be spending some time on the topic. Make a list of pros and cons, if relevant, controversial sides in the matter, factors, anything that will help you determine possible subheadings.You're trying to break the topic down into smaller pieces to help you organize the paper.A research paper is an academic assignment that requires a student to study some topic within a particular area and present the results of their work.

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Find a quiet, creative place to work, whether it's in your home office with the door closed, outside on a lovely patio, in a noisy coffee shop, or sequestered in a library carrel. We can almost guarantee that every time you read your paper, you'll find a way to make it better through editing.

You should plan the contents of your paper before the beginning of the writing process.

Gather your notes and create an outline for your academic work.

If you want to compose a paper that will make a visible contribution to the development of the field that you study, you should select a topic that hasn’t been investigated before.

Take a look at previous works in your area and think about the ways to continue them.

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