Panera Bread Case Study Swot Analysis Business And Administration Coursework

The company strategy relied on the differentiation and on exploiting its competitive advantages which includes quality of bakery-cafes operations and sites of its cafes.

Suggested Action Plan In order to implement the strategy adopted by the company and mentioned in the case study , the following outlines for the action plan is recommended.

In the context of lawsuits and drawing from Panera Bread Company Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q, the company admits that it is “subjected to other routine legal proceedings, claims, and litigations in the ordinary course of its business” (10).

This requires heavy commitment of financial resources and management attention.

As at September 2012, the company had established business presence in 44 states where it operated 1,625 bakeries.

Due to the company’s strong financial position, it has managed to invest in cozy cafes, which create a smoothing environment for the customers.

This has the impact of making the company build a strong customers’ experience.

The situation analysis for Panera Bread company in 2003 can be summarized, using SWOT analysis, in the table below. Summary The actual strategy implementation for the company is very similar to the suggested plan.

Strengths Vertical growth Horizontal growth pioneer of fast casual restaurants Social responsibility quality of its bakery-cafes Growth of franchise operations Weaknesses marketing Opportunities Emerging market (fast casual restaurants) Customer satisfaction Threats Competition Panera Bread Company was aiming to grow further by expanding both company-owned bakery-cafes and its franchises operations. Panera Bread Company thrives to achieving the planned target by focusing on its distinctive advantages and realizing its strategic objectives.

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