Outdoor Recreation Research Papers

NRPA’s Awareness and the Use of Parks report explores the role awareness plays in driving park and recreation usage and presents a series of steps that park and recreation leaders should consider when executing an awareness strategy.

The report also studies the steps taken by two cutting edge park and recreation agencies to promote greater awareness of their offerings.

The 2019 NRPA Agency Performance Review and NRPA Park Metrics represent the most comprehensive collection of park and recreation-related data, benchmarks and insights that inform park and recreation agency professionals, key stakeholders and the public on the state of the park and recreation industry.

These resources provide all those who care about quality parks and recreation with a variety of tools.

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The typical park and recreation agency offers one park for every 2,181 residents served, with 10.1 acres of parkland per 1,000 residents.

is the only peer-reviewed journal published in the United States with a specific focus on the areas of outdoor recreation, education, and leadership.

The study also highlights the significant challenges facing the industry in delivering on this promise.

This report will help park and recreation professionals understand how local government officials view and prioritize these services. Park and recreation agencies are in a unique position to ensure that the needs of underserved older adults are being met.

Based on survey responses from 524 park and recreation professionals, this study explores how park and recreation agencies and their staff serve older adults.

But park and recreation agencies are as diverse as the communities that they serve, and what works well for one agency may not be best for your agency.

Therefore, you need data to identify the best practices best to serve your community optimally.

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