Origin Of Your Name Essay

It carries a subtleness that, through the enunciation of three effortless syllables, achieves absolute grace. Amanda just is, becoming in its own simplicity and ease. Today it is an important part of academic education, and students are taught to write an essay from the very beginning.One of the most interesting topics offered by teachers to young people is an essay about name.

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This acceptance came gradually, but solidified in the fourth grade when I found my name in a book of baby names.

Television is a major part of my life, a field I have been destined to pursue since the day I was born.

Huxtable’s name sounded as sophisticated as the character herself. Why were only fictional characters from popular sitcoms suggested for my moniker when much more special names exist, say, after a great grandmother or a parent’s childhood friend? Our love of television is something we can all agree upon, even if we don’t always see eye to eye on what to watch each night.

With the advent of that knowledge, I began to fully accept my name and discovered what it meant to me.

Eventually, acceptance evolved into love and understanding, and I could not see myself matching up with any other name.

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