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Spending two hours on a simple groove, focusing on feel, tempo, NOT hitting too hard………in doing this, I find my practice mentality is strengthened.What make In the May 2008 issue of Decibel, guitarist Paul Ryan admits that his playing is so full of sweep picking that someone needs to “get a dustpan.” But Ryan allows a certain amount of hookiness and melody to remain; on the best songs on – “The Aftermath,” “Wrath of Vishnu,” and “Finite” all come to mind – it almost sounds like Ryan and his band mates have taken standard death metal riffs and played them as shredtastic single notes instead of thick meaty power chords.It’s the equivalent of sticking a playing card or baseball card in the spokes of your bicycle wheel rather than just letting it all blend together into one spinning metallic glean.Don't get me wrong, everyone has their own tastes and i respect that.But lets see here, if you've heard any other releases of Origin, then you should know better than to expect straight up BDM from them.They don't really sound like Origin, but Vale of Pnath's newest album follows a normal song structure for the most part.

In other words: just because you seem “tough” doesn’t necessarily make you any less ridiculous than Yngwie of De Ville or whatever other EVH wanna-be you’re so ready to ridicule.

That’s fucking brutal And then there’s the nine minute-plus title track that closes out the album. It’s just relentless, a rabid dog that wants to tear your fucking jugular out.

As you would expect from a epic of such size, the song is constantly shifting, evolving, and introducing new riffs – but each riff is somehow more memorable (and more pummeling) than the one that came just before it.

They flow better, and everything makes much more sense.

Diversity is the key to being a world class drummer.

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