Organized Crime Essay Questions

Giulia was the partner of an important boss of the Casertano region whom she met at the age of 13.

She was “his children’s mother” and eventually got drawn into the clan’s activities.

Scholars have realized that studying and measuring female criminality focused on crime statistics also failed to highlight the extent of violence and crime, which goes unreported—or is over reported—for numerous reasons including, men’s cultural reluctance to address being victimized; women’s lenient treatment by the criminal justice system due to “chivalry” (Pollak ).

Therefore, women’s presence in organized crime activities was not systematically recorded in official documents or investigated and when it was, it was never publicized.

Only rarely can law enforcement officers and researchers observe the activities of a criminal group directly.In the same regard, Rossi () confronts the insufficient attention paid to Argentinean women involved in organized crime, who are found to have ties with criminal organizations.Public prosecutors in Argentina have expressed that women are deemed the “weaker gender” and not properly equipped or trained to take substantive roles in organized crime similar to men; thus, the attention is focused on the male who is naturally identified as the instigator.41 bis prison regime for their leadership roles and involvement with the Camorra.We can conclude that women are no longer passive actors, as once believed or perceived; yet the question remains as to the extent of their active engagement and involvement in criminal activities.The “assistant roles” that women sometimes hold in the Italian Mafia, were perceived as unsophisticated and therefore not punishable by law, which further highlighted the gender biases and expectations of male and female relationships in criminal networks.Fiandaca () argued that stereotypes have greatly influenced Italian judges for a long time and made Mafia women, who were regarded as passive subjects dominated by their Mafiosi menfolk, insusceptible to penalty.Stereotypes and images of women as weak female figures reinforced the notion that women could not make independent business decisions nor be violent.Similar stereotypes have been common in other regions around the world.These first hand accounts demonstrate how women today are active in a whole range of Camorra activities and roles; from messenger, to enforcer to decision maker.The Italian National Anti-Mafia Directorate ( detained under the Italian art.

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