Oregon Business Plan Introduction Paragraph To A Narrative Essay

Business Oregon's Strategic Plan is the result of a year-long effort that identified the most pressing economic development challenges confronting the state of Oregon, then develop a plan that addresses the shifting economic landscape, changing demographics, and unique strengths of Oregon's industries, businesses, and entrepreneurs.The full plan is available in the resource box on the right, as well as analysis that informed the report.The balance of the plenary session included TED-style talks on PERS reform, revenue reform, Medicaid funding, education investment, housing shortages, forest fires, water, and growth in the Bend area.The session also heard from leaders of the Legislative Committee on Student Success, which visited communities across the state in 2018 to learn more about what students need to succeed.

In general, poverty levels in Oregon are higher in rural Oregon than the state's rural areas.Business Oregon's role includes company retention, expansion and recruitment, global trade, business technical assistance, financial support, and targeted community infrastructure investments. Cultivate Rural Economic Stability The rural-urban divide is real and growing in regions across the U. Significant headwinds exist that place rural communities at a disadvantage relative to urban areas.This includes a concentration of declining industries, out-migration of skilled workers, and a lack of access to growing economic markets.Participants included state legislators and elected officials, local governments, tribal economic development leaders, heads of regional business development organizations, business CEOs, representatives of academic institutions, entrepreneurs, and Business Oregon staff.Increase access to new sales markets Enhance competitiveness of small and middle-market manufacturing companies Attract businesses and FDI to grow target industries Prioritize infrastructure investments to directly promote business growth Enhance local economic development capacity in distressed rural communities Promote an environment that supports entrepreneurship and small business growth Expand business development to include non-traded sector companies and organizations Connect rural communities to urban markets through targeted infrastructure investments Jobs created and retained in rural Oregon resulting from business development activities, including accessible middle-wage and high-wage jobs Percent of rural small businesses or start-ups receiving financial assistance from agency that transition to traditional or follow-on financing Number and value of infrastructure investment related to economic development (KPM 9) Number and percent of minority-owned firms utilizing agency business development services (financial and technical assistance) Number and percent of minority-owned firms receiving financial assistance that transition to traditional or follow-on financing Number and value of public contracts awarded to COBID certified firms Be transparent, accountable, and a good steward of public resources Be a sustainable, cohesive agency where all employees feel valued and understand how they contribute to the mission Be a welcoming agency that empowers employees and is inclusive of Oregon's cultural diversity Innovate Oregon's Economy Innovation is a clear driver of economic competitiveness.Opportunity Insights, which partners with local and regional jurisdictions to apply data to policy solutions, is exploring the potential of working with Oregon on poverty and mobility issues.Reducing poverty is a key goal and focus of the Oregon Business Plan.Individual firm success is often dependent on industry competitiveness.Industry clusters are a logical organizing principle to support traded-sector job growth in Oregon. As our economy is increasingly driven by innovation, advanced technologies, and highly skilled labor, it is also becoming more metropolitan.Oregon patents-per-capita significantly outpace the U. Despite areas of strength, there is significant room for improvement.To compete, Oregon must prioritize investment in research and development, technology commercialization, new product development, and entrepreneurship in urban and rural communities and with full participation by underrepresented populations.

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