Operation Management Essay

This can also match with Wace mission, to become a company.

Moreover, is a massive retailer that require continuous supply (loyal customer), it may less likely cut the order quantity in a sudden, as they have to serve their own customers on time, with a strong base of business.Comparing to the specialist publishers, they are usually with less resources, it is difficult to foresee their business operations, they may cut orders due to economic recession or even business closure. They would schedule the order precisely over several weeks because they only produce standard card type with less variety.Comparing to the existing one, they always ask for a short delivery time as they have unique design for different cards and would order in smaller quantity, for preventing too much inventory stocking.In my opinion, I would prefer Wace Burgess to accept the order from Firstly, Wace capability, human resources, time and reliable quality checked system are sufficient for fulfilling order.The company ability is high enough for completing the order and hand in the outputs on time.Wace Burgess may harm their image they build for years because of missing production.In large production, it will be more complicated for Wace production process, if there is a failure in one part, it may lead to lateness of production.External Performance Objective Before considering the acceptance, we may first discuss the external performance objective for the business and how do this differ from the other existing customers.has a large ordering quantity for the cards, which is processing about sheets, in contrast to an order about to sheets their existing clients.As the market trend shows that it is transforming, Wace Burgess may see this opportunity as a chance for them to evaluate their recent production strategy, and check whether this strategy may help them to keep their leading position.Besides, order is with huge quantity, it may bring a high level of sales to Wace Burgess, which is benefit to their financial statements and annual reports.

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