Open University Creative Writing Courses

The idea is to get you writing, and help you to develop your craft, technique and process, as well as your art.But do understand that the purpose and goal of an MA is not, fundamentally, to teach you to run "a profitable writing business" as one MA sceptic puts it.

If you have a good reason for doing something a certain way, then it's justified.

And it can be a life-saver later: I'm not a poet, but when I had to teach an undergrad poetry module I was very grateful indeed for having had to workshop poets on my masters.

just trimming: whether you like it or not, your readers operate in that context, so your writing must too.

You'll then either pass, or pass with Distinction - roughly equivalent to getting a First - or fail (though, if the latter, some courses would offer some kind of option to have another go). The university will probably have a regulation that do a Masters degree you have to have a reasonable class in a first (BA or similar) degree, but it absolutely doesn't have to be an "obvious" ones like English.

And they recognise that people come to writing from a million different places; in my experience, a university will always find a way to through the regulations if they really want you and think you can cope with the course.

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