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As of now, the reality for e Learning professionals is that even the latest in automated written response scoring systems aren't ready for prime time.

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Over the last few years, quite a bit of progress toward that requirement has occurred in the world of AI.Ed X, the nonprofit enterprise founded by Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to offer courses on the Internet, has just introduced such a system and will make its automated software available free on the Web to any institution that wants to use it.The software uses artificial intelligence to grade student essays and short written answers, freeing professors for other tasks.In practice, that makes such systems of limited value to e Learning platforms, since the simplicity of the required answer format means that most short answer prompts could be replaced with multiple choice questions without sacrificing much.To be of any real use to an e Learning platform, any automated essay scoring system must be able to do more than look for keywords.For example, a history course might be a perfect fit to use the current technology, but a course teaching the finer points in how to write an essay conclusion would give even the most sophisticated AI system fits.For now, e Learning operators will have to continue scoring written responses the old-fashioned way or avoid them altogether.The new service will bring the educational consortium into a growing conflict over the role of automation in education.Although automated grading systems for multiple-choice and true-false tests are now widespread, the use of artificial intelligence technology to grade essay answers has not yet received widespread endorsement by educators and has many critics.That doesn't leave much room for the varied stylistic and creative writing styles students may use and ignores any objective judgment of their merit.In addition, the methodology has also proven vulnerable to manipulation by those that can spot the logical flaws in the system.

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