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Source:, 2010 42% of online shoppers claim that they abandon their cart because they are not ready to purchase and 24% save the cart for later consideration.Based on, 48.1% of abandonment emails were opened and about 15% clicked the emails, of which 33.3% went on to purchase a product.For shipping cost, Com Score reports that 42% of online transactions included free shipping in the second quarter of 2012.reports a survey result that over 40% of internet retailers say free shipping increases their profits.Whether or not free shipping constitutes an opportunity for growth is debatable, but free shipping will certainly change the dynamics of the competition.Whether or not it is profitable depends on the categories and the value of the products.

Source:, 2011 (Source: Experian Information Solution, Inc ,2012) Website design is as important to online stores as interior design to physical stores.This figure is predicted to grow continually to 0 billion in 2017. 57.3% of online shoppers have an annual household income above ,000, and 77.9% have education level as some college or higher.Forrester also reports that 53% of people in the US shopped online in 2011 and it is predicted to grow to 58% in 2016, according to the U. Source: Experian Simmons Survey According to Com Score, the top-performing online categories are Digital Content & Subscriptions, Consumer Electronics, Flowers, Greetings & Gifts, Computer Hardware and Apparel & Accessories.Finding the low hanging fruits that are high search volume and low competition keywords is something every internet retailer should do to gain competitive edge in the digital era.If you don’t have an in-house SEO team, contact a good SEO agency to help your ecommerce site today!Looking at the same chart from Rich Relevance we can infer that social media is a small channel getting the online shoppers to the sites.However, the average order value of shoppers from Twitter was the highest among all shoppers, 1.33.As retailers begin to see the ROI potential of social media, it is likely that the channel’s growth will follow the same pattern as organic search.It is said by that 73.6% of the online shopping carts were abandoned in the first quarter of 2013.Here are more statistics on cart abandonment rate: The cart abandonment rate is so high that it becomes one of the most important concerns for the internet retailers.

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