Online Marketing Campaign Case Study Dissertation Extracts

Regardless of size or industry, modern organisations now rely upon their online presence and marketing strategies for the majority of their leads.Let’s explore what digital marketing has done for companies in many different fields and what digital marketing can do you for you.

Mint’s challenges were two-fold: they needed to convince customers that this was a service they needed and that they were a reputable, safe service to use.

The team at Mint hosted promotions, gave away free items and discounts, and engaged with the audience that they expected to be most interested in its service.

By establishing relationships with known brands through social media — such as credit card companies — Mint was also able to easily build its perceived authority with its potential audience.

Content Marketing, and Social Media marketing are the most common form of inbound marketing tactics.

This chapter has a collection of case studies centered on Inbound Marketing, articles that do not have a particular focus but instead are a combination of sub marketing types under inbound.

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