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In fact, I've never been unable to access my materials.

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Because I was doing this on my own, I knew that whatever I came up with needed to be inexpensive. Founded in 1998, Google is a collision point for information and technology.What now sets GMail apart are the ways in which it has allowed me to treat e-mail not as a simple message exchange system but as an integral part of my classroom experience, especially when it comes to the exchange of assignments.Students who recognize the untapped pedagogical resource that e-mail represents welcome this approach.I first fell in love with GMail for its message threading, which allows a simple, sensible view of my electronic communications with students, and for the speed and thoroughness of its search functions.These features, however, are quickly becoming ubiquitous in e-mail programs.We'll package all this up in a simple email and send it to you as soon as we're done. Remarkably (to me at least), I have been somewhat successful in my attempts to incorporate technology into the daily life of my classrooms.GMail, for instance, is the best e-mail service I have ever used: searchable, flexible, and accessible from almost anywhere.In addition, it works digit-in-digit with Google Docs, an online suite of applications, and Google Calendar, now my sole time organizer.While surprising to me, this discovery matches recent investigations into how tech-savvy college students really are.I thus ended up spending class time showing students how to access my comments.

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