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Users may also create new content to in order to help bring about social reforms.

However, researchers caution that in order to be effective, context must be considered, a diverse array of people must be included, and all users must participate throughout the process.

According to a 2011 study, minorities create content in order to connect with niche communities online.

African-American users have been found to create content as a means of self-expression that was not previously available.

Academic content may be closed source or open access (OA).

Cultural works, like music, movies, literature, and art, are forms of content.National libraries and state archives turn historical documents, public records, and unique relics into online databases and exhibits.At times, this has raised significant privacy issues.Media portrayals of minorities are sometimes inaccurate and stereotypical which in turn affects the general perception of these minorities.African-Americans respond to their portrayals digitally through the use of social media like, twitter and tumblr.An important journal or a scholarly database may be closed source, available only to students and faculty through the institution's library.Open access articles are open to the public, with the publication and distribution costs shouldered by the institution publishing the content.In the words of a 2011 report from the Oxford School for the Study of Journalism and the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, "Mainstream media is the lifeblood of topical social media conversations in the UK." While the rise of digital media has disrupted traditional news outlets, many have adapted, and have begun to produce content that is designed to function on the web and be shared by social media users.The social media site Twitter is a major distributor of breaking news in traditional formats, and many Twitter users are media professionals.Also with the coming of digital media and the ease of access at home, the amount of user generated content has increased as well as the age and class range.Eight percent of Internet users are very active in content creation and consumption.

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