One Thing I Would Change About My Life Essay

But I can most definitely choose not to be defined by these events. And maybe I could’ve altered my reality in a way that was more beneficial to me. I would: Not fight the inevitable, and hang on to what was. I don’t hang on, or take the failure as a reflection of my self-worth.

I have a choice, and yes I would’ve done a few things differently. I wasted so much time trying to save the un-savable. I chose to ignore the signs and suffer for no reason, other than fear. It’s not my job to help people who didn’t want to help themselves. I did whatever I could to numb the pain with more regrettable actions. Most importantly, I don’t take things that personally or that seriously. Another way of making different choices is to travel to the future.

I ended up enabling the same selfish and destructive behaviors. You can use the same exercise and imagine yourself ten or twenty years in the future directing your present movie.

I do regret some of the choices I made, but I mostly regret how I felt about everything–anxiety, stress, fear, and a whole lot of apathy. Going back in time may feel like an exercise in futility. The emotional pain of the past lives with us until we face it, and deal with it. This exercise is not about regret, but more about choice. Trust that life has and will always be on your side. Do whatever it takes to let go of the pain, instead of holding on to it as if it’s a badge of honor. When we look at the past, we realize that we can choose to have faith in our own abilities, and to trust the kindness of life.

The problem is, these structures have been sturdy for so long that they are almost impossible to change. But to change the world, you have to change yourself first.

Once people realize that changing the world is difficult, they begin to give up on those dreams they had. You have to change your mentality, your habits, and your actions.

As human beings, some argue, we are put on this earth to help others.

If you believe this, it makes changing someone’s life for the better a very natural thing to do—we already have it built into our DNA.

Sharing our love for another human being, even if we don’t know them seems strange, but it gets easier with practice.A dirty little secret about social media (especially pictures-based social media) is that much of it is based off of people pretending to be something they’re not.You know nothing about what’s going on with people except what’s going on in the picture — and that can leave out a lot of significant context.We just have to slow down long enough to recognize it.Some of the biggest moments of joy may lay in wait when we freely give something when we haven’t been asked.Maybe you also see the same friend posing in front of a Maserati Ghibli that he recently bought.You see these pictures and start to feel bad about yourself.They let those dreams wash away and replace them with “realistic” goals that other people give them. It’s not easy changing yourself, but it’s necessary if you want to make a massive impact. You go onto Instagram, or Facebook, and see other people living amazing lives that you wish you had.Here are four steps that you can take to change yourself positively and create a massive positive impact on the world. Maybe you see a friend of yours posting pictures of traveling the world with his fiance.When you provide a need, you can make a big difference.It doesn’t matter if it is a physical need, and emotional need or a social need.

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