Olympic Sponsorship Dissertation

Its main strategy was to grab as many nations as it can in the game to attract the greater group of audiences. The game that was held in Italy in 2006 had also incorporated new strategies and activities that attracted greater tourists and nations.•Marketing components Marketing components means the marketing plan.If anyone has any ideas for a subject - however general or specific- I'd be grateful to hear them! Hi I'm a Sports Management student going into my 3rd year.

What is the main aim of the overview of marketing plan of the winter Olympics ?•Trends and Strategic Areas The winter Olympics has gained a lot of popularity in recent years.The support from the broadcasters of Olympic helped the winter Olympic gain its popularity in recent years.In the third section the author specifies the marketing mix strategy of the Olympics game specifying the customer satisfaction level and the profitability.It also provides recommendation for the future marketing strategy.The last section specifies the portfolio of the winter Olympics game held in the year 2006 ( 1 •Background The winter Olympics that is known also known as Torino was held in the year 2006 in February at Turin, Italy.It provided the word with wonderful experience and also attracted many tourists.Or why one ubiquitous UK pub sport - darts - is a huge tv success story, but another one - 8 ball pool - remains virtually unwatched.How the (paying) public are becoming increasingly detached from the world professional footballers operate in?It had great motivation and the brand name was enough to promote the product.It has become one of the large scales and one of the most used technology and programme to earn profit (Müller 2012).

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