Old Spice Case Study Using Social Media To Revitalise A Brand How To Write And Compare And Contrast Essay

One of the writers behind the Old Spice campaign Jason Bagley said.

“.” The marketing team responded personally to tweets with custom You Tube videos, this both surprised and amazed the global audience.

Together, the two videos totalled over 7.6 million views in just two weeks.

This is a great example of how a company that is over 75 years old can use You Tube as well as other social media platforms to reinvent and sustain itself.

Their solution was the Response Campaign, in which the Old Spice Guy would respond to questions submitted by fans through a variety of social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter, through a series of You Tube videos.

In less than three days, Wieden Kennedy filmed over 180 video responses to questions from fans and celebrities, and then posted them on You Tube.

Organization/background: The Old Spice products were manufactured by the Shulton Company, founded in 1934 by William Lightfoot Schultz.

The brand’s first product, Early American Old Spice for women, originated in 1937, and Old Spice for men followed not long after in 1938.

As the product category grew in popularity, so too did the competition and by 2006, Old Spice was falling in the ranks.By the end of July 2010, sales were up 125% year on year, and by the year’s end, Old Spice had become the #1 selling brand of body wash for men in the US.In May 2013, the company once again leveraged the success of its You Tube campaign and launched two new video ads to sell its latest shave gel products.The Old Spice campaign has proven to be one of the most memorable creative marketing and advertising concepts ever executed.It has longevity and endurance that has been achieved through a mix of several reiterations as well as using online and offline marketing, social media and PR that has kept the original content bubbling across the Web.This produced a lot of “Buzz” online and negative comment (viewers “loved” Isaiah Mustafa the original old spice guy) that continued to drive the viral conversation with the original “Old Spice Guy of course winning the competition.I have found negative headlines to produce much better responses than the positive angle eg “30 Things You Should Not Share on Social Media” What impressed you about this campaign?The approach was certainly quantity over quality which social media advocates will recognise.Don’t wait for your post to be perfect before hitting the publish button because it never will be.Savvy bloggers know this marketing secret and that is to keep the content pumping.The “Old Spice” campaign which was video centric managed to produce 100’s of videos led by a team of 4 writers, a camera crew and a half naked actor.

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