Of A Salesman Linda Loman Essay

Still, as a poster it does not do its communications job.

While Arthur Miller’s name is the right size, the hand scrawled lettering is not strong enough.

It further suggests the “Mad Men” advertising image.

Yet despite its dynamic simplicity, it falls short.

That questioning is the first step towards creating a memorable image.

Even the position of the hat, which should be more like a fedora, suggests the Midwest rather than the Northeast.

Erik Freer Saul Bass would have been pleased to see this poster, which echoes some of his own film posters, like “Anatomy of a Murder” or “Man with the Golden Arm.” It is a well-done homage, with all the right pieces in place.

Second, and most important, the receding doorways are confusing, not in a conceptual way, but as excess levels of visual detail.

Too many rugs, and the hint of the dresser on the right is unnecessary. What does work well, however, are the briefcase and the hat rack.

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