Odysseus Hero Essay

The seemingly beggar at first glance enters the home of Odysseus to witness the emotional destruction of his wife Penelope.

Odysseus is disguised until the last possible moment when he eventually reveals himself after completing the task to win Penelope’s hand in marriage.

Learning and improving your reputation are the qualities one can infer from the epic that were greatly admired by the Greeks as a heroic trait.After finding the palace of the goddess Circe the men were 3 welcomed into the palace by the goddess herself.One man, Eurylochus, sensed danger and stayed hidden outside while the others ate and drank the pleasures provided by Circe.Locked away on the goddess Calypso’s island, Odysseus, despite the attraction he feels toward the nymph goddess, stayed as faithful as possible to his Penelope proving his devoted love for her.Calypso had offered him immortality and a life bound her, but with his one goal in mind, (to return home) Odysseus declines the offer proving his loyal character.Along with the promised loyalty to his wife, Odysseus was equally faithful to his men.When in the face of danger, his men looked to Odysseus for help and guidance knowing that he will come to their aide.In Homer’s “The Odyssey”, it is Odysseus who possesses the true characteristics of a hero wisdom, loyalty and showing moral improvement.Homer describes Odysseus as an intelligent individual; this statement is proven fact when in the cave of the Cyclops Polyphemus, Odysseus’s first thought was to kill the giant.The win was drugged, causing the men to forget all memories of their home.After drugging the men, Circe used her twisted magic and transformed the men into swine.

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