Ode To A Nightingale Essay Questions Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Ppt

The contrast between the sordidness of the reality and the beauty of the ideal world, between the mortality of the life and immortality of nature, between the imperfection of real life and the beauty of imagination is the recurring theme of his poetry.

The song of the Nightingale increases the poem a mood of deep delight which becomes painful in its intensity.

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These are the chief influences on the defense of modern poetry's consolatory office that "Nightingale" finally hazards.

It is a ‘richly meditative ode’ as Prof Hereford calls it.

The whole poem is built on the “thought of the contrast between the Joy, beauty and apparent permanence of the bird song and the sorrow and transience of beauty and joy in human life”. The song fills him with a desire to escape from the hard reality of life into the world of love and beauty, into the world of visions and passions, into the world of the blessed.

He has drunk in the rich music of the Nightingale’s song; his whole being is full of it.

Being an escapist Keats wants to throw of the burden of self consciousness and sinks gradually into the world of imagination.

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