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On Friday 12 April 2013, I visited Hacienda Elementary School just to observe how children of my son’s.....Observation Introduction Teaching is not as easy as it is usually considered to be.Teachers are responsible for not only the education oftheir students but also their all-round development just like the parents.This means that the material is not too easy but, a bit challenging which ultimately with a little assistance from an individual who is more learned, the material can be mastered and then shift the zone upwards.

However, from the perspective of the teacher being observed by the supervisor or the director of studies in a classroom, there is too much that gets at stake in such visits.After going around the class, the teacher divided the class into groups of three’s and questions were given to the groups to tackle.The children here were able to discuss in groups in answering the questions.In fact the pressure on the teachers are more because they are being paid for the job unlike parents. Day by day the teacher's job is becoming more complex.The following are the details of the classroom in which the observer spent an hour to understand and observe how specific teaching strategies affect students' learning and motivation.The teacher then went round in the various groups checking on their progress and answering any ...?19 March Article about room Observations Summary: Most EFL/ESL English mentors in both government and private educational institutions are familiar with the concept and significance of classroom observations.However, different children take the changes differently.I had not realized this before my third born went to the kindergarten.The instructional procedure that he uses includes listing of keywords on handouts and telling the class interesting facts.He conducts individual and group activities and group presentations to help students learn facts through practical work, observation and experimentation.

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