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On a practical note, one way to determine the scope of your statement is to assess what kind of data you have access to.

thesis may have much less breadth than a poster, since collecting data for too broad a group can be a huge challenge. surveying consumers for a product locally is feasible, whereas it would be prohibitively expensive and time-consuming to interview similar consumers globally.

You can use structures such as a relevance tree (see this example) to map out the issues on a hierarchy and work your way towards a topic that is sufficiently specific and in-depth for your thesis.

If you have not already done so, survey existing academic literature for works that are similar to your thesis statement.

Try various online tools such as or guides on brainstorming techniques such as mind mapping, or lateral thinking.

Now that you have your keywords and issues, it is time to organize them.

Not all theses submitted to NUS are in the Libraries' collection as some of them may not be released by departments to the Libraries.

Students are awarded degrees from both, Duke University School of Medicine and the National University of Singapore.Use the following search to search for NUS Masters & Phd theses and dissertations from September 2003 onwards. The Electronic Theses & Dissertations databases (ETD) within Scholar [email protected] contains electronic copies of NUS theses and dissertations from September 2003 onwards. Not all theses (in particular academic exercises or FYPs) submitted to NUS are in the Libraries' collection as some of them may not be released by departments to the Libraries. The library has a limited selection of foreign thesis available. To search for them refer to the following guide on searching LINC for NUS theses or dissertations. NUS Libraries subscribes to Pro Quest Dissertations and Theses which contains full-text with citations and abstracts of many doctoral dissertations and master's theses submitted to over 1,000 North American graduate schools, European and Australian universities. Narrow your scope to a level that is appropriate for your work. Check with your supervisor, the library and department administration staff for any free or subscribed resources that can give you access to the data you require, e.g., financial data for companies, statistical data, market research reports or industry reports.A poster will require much less depth and analysis than a Ph. Brainstorming is one way coming up with keywords and issues for your thesis statement.This subject guide covers resources available at the NUS Libraries.This is not a comprehensive subject guide, but rather a selective list of materials that are most useful for locating information in Real Estate. Contact us if you have any questions about using these resources.RBR (required readings, for two-hour loan only) or the Reference Collection, etc.Duke-NUS and Sing Health form the Sing Health Duke-NUS Academic Medicine Centre which brings together clinicians, educators and researchers to bring about improvements in patient care.Despite being a young institution, Duke-NUS has rapidly emerged as a leading center for medical research.

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  1. Includes removing staples, collating, trimming if appropriate, hand or machine stitched, cover in a cloth of your choice, spine and front cover lettering. A permanent record for the company, publisher or library.