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-To explain how to complete a physical examination in the assessment of a patient's nutritional status. These nociceptors transmit the experience of the noxious stimuli, as an electrical impulse, to the brain.

Electrical impulses are transmitted along nerve fibres with the assistance of neurotransmitters, particularly serotonin and noradrenaline.

A nurse should consider these limitations when using these techniques, and interpreting findings.

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The signs of mental illness may include: When assessing a person for mental illness, it is important for nurses to remember that drug and / or alcohol intoxication can closely mimic mental illness.

Once the electrical impulse reaches the brain, the brain can initiate a response to the pain.

Pain is managed by using strategies to: (1) disrupt, or (2) block the transmission of pain-related electrical impulses to the brain. Pain is typically divided into: (1) nociceptive pain, associated with tissue damage, and (2) neuropathic pain, associated with nerve damage.

This is because most of the data needed for the assessment of a person's mental health can be gathered during the health history, by talking with and observing the client.

When assessing a patient's mental health via a focused health history, a nurse should collect data about: When collecting information about a person's mental health, a nurse should carefully observe the patient.

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