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In addition, the social, ethical and moral basis of working in care setting is further explained in the NMC (2002) clause 5.1 - 5.4In clinical setting, preserving confidentiality is view as the key to establish trust, promote good relationship and interaction.

In the absence of this, nurses might not be able to offer the client the required quality care as expected Again if client feel confident to communicate their information to the nurse, aware that their information is secure with the assurance that it will be passed on with their consent and on need to know basis. Middle But the nurse must gain the client's explicit consent.

Such information The effectiveness of the functioning of the health care relies on maintaining public trust in the medical profession.It must be stressed that the consent policy must be follow to avoid legal actions be taken for breach of confidentiality.However exceptions to such permission from the client as described by Dimond (1992): a court order might request for a report, when there is statutory duty to disclose such as in suspicion of child abuse of any kind.It will highlight its importance in individual decisions to seek health care services.Each profession that provides health care embraces confidentiality as a core principle therefore, the legal framework and ethical issues of governing confidentiality and exceptions where confidential information could be disclosed will be discussed as well.All nursing codes of ethics have a clause regarding confidentiality Ethical issues often arise to question the principle of confidentiality and create conflicts.The examples will be from my placement experience where I worked with clients experiencing mental health illness.In addition, we have decided as a care team involving in her care plan that some of the material would seriously damage his mental health.At appointment day, the client asked questions as he wished and was given satisfactory answer, but explanation was given that he would not be able to take anything out of the file but could have extracts from any of the records.This type of disclosure is necessary to protect the children at risk The Children Act (1989).Furthermore information from client about their intention to harm others or endanger themselves require disclosure.

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