Nursing Case Studies Medication Administration

This case study involves a nurse working in an intensive care unit.Note: There were multiple co-defendants in this claim who are not discussed in this scenario.The administration of medication is a basic nursing skill.Unfortunately, errors can result in serious consequences for patients and legal repercussions for nurses.She gave the dose intramuscularly, instead of orally, as intended, and the infant died.

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If you do make an error, document what the patient received and report it immediately to the patient’s physician and your employer.

Neither the nurses nor the physician had looked at the label on the bottle. The Court said the physician was not negligent because he had been justified in relying on the competency of the nurses to check the label.2 Nurses have a duty to question a medication order that is unclear or unusual. She did not contact the physician to confirm the route.

Her previous experience had been with injectable Lanoxin only.

A nurse must administer medications according to the five “rights” (right drug, dose, patient, route, time).

Nurses can also be liable for contributing to a medication error. Harbour View Hospital, a physician asked a nurse to obtain Novocaine to inject into a patient’s thumb.

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