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alloys aluminium anti-terror Arnfinn Jenssen atomic Audi automotive blast loading buildings CASA collaboration concrete David Embury David Morin E39 explosions glass Hydro Impact implementation innovation Magnus Langseth Martin Kristoffersen Master´s thesis Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation modelling Multiconsult NDEA Norwegian Defence Estates Agency NTNU Ph D polymers Randi Holmestad research Research Council SFI CASA shock tube SIMLab simulation SINTEF steel structural joints Tool Box Toppforsk Tore Børvik Phone: 47 930 37 E-mail: [email protected] coordinator: Peter Karlsaune Phone: 47 450 02 177 E-mail: [email protected] officer and newsletter editor: Sølvi W.Normannsen Phone: 47 469 19 530 E-mail: [email protected] dissertation is actually ready before it is written.

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Currently Interlibrary Loan is a free service for NTHU faculty, staff and students.If you have a chance to visit this piece of paradise, do not hesitate!Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who has supporting me in this final step of my studies, professors at TU Berlin, NTNU, the DAAD and Markus Fischer!It turned out that the Schengen-visa I was holding for Germany was suitable according to UDI (The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration), since I didn’t need to work there. Also luckily, I took an advice from the previous experience reports and stayed at Moholt student village in one of the new buildings with a shared kitchen and an own bathroom.This enabled me to get plenty of new friends, mostly Norwegians.The master’s students at NTNU SIMLab and SFI CASA are important in the value chain from research and testing to transferring and implementing technology in industry.The research is related to material modelling of metallic materials, polymers and glass, material and component testing at various loading rates, and development and implementation of material models suited for large-scale structural analyses. Guri Lillehaug and Marte Vestermo Nesje are among the 15 students working on master´s theses related to work at SIMLab and SFI CASA this semester. Topic: «Combined impact and blast loading on concrete plates». READ MORE: SIMLab Searching for Talent READ ALSO: Hunting More Talent CASA’s company partners gather at Renault’s Technocentre on 17-19 September.There are many interesting destinations near Trondheim, including the Fjords around Ålesund.The highlight of my stay in Norway was a trip to Lofoten, which I can describe as the most beautiful place that I have ever seen (and I have visited a lot of places and countries).The topic was about offshore wind turbines and the title was “Validation of Load Models and Calculations of Response for a Monopile in Steep Water Waves”. A supervision at NTNU differs strongly from TU Berlin which is one of the biggest advantages to write a thesis there.Due to regular weekly meetings with the supervisor I was able to discuss the results or challenges that were occurring.

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