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If you have questions about the suitability of your research for the journal contact Dr. The Canadian Journal of Nonprofit and Social Economy Research / Revue canadienne de re­cherche sur les OSBL et l’économie sociale (ANSERJ) is an online open access English and French peer-reviewed publication.

ANSERJ is dedicated to providing a stimulating and vibrant forum for the open dissemination of contemporary high-quality, peer-reviewed research on nonprofits and the social economy.

There is strong interest among researchers and practitioners alike to come together to engage in substantive and thoughtful dialogue about the ways that governance systems of nonprofit and other civil society and public service organizations are evolving, adapting, growing, and performing.

This conference creates a truly collegial space for such engaged dialogue among colleagues, and we invite researchers, scholars, consultants, executives, and other civil society leaders from across the globe to join us for this set of critical conversations.

What are we learning as we examine the relationship between governance in the public sector and in the nonprofit sector?

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ANSERJ is multi-disciplinary, as well as interdisciplinary.A graduate student at California University of Pennsylvania pursuing a Master of Business Administration, he is a Writer with New Place Collaborations, LLC, in Pittsburgh and Marketing Support with Web Strategies in Winchester.The Canadian Journal of Nonprofit and Social Economy Research / Revue canadienne de re­cherche sur les OSBL et l’économie sociale (ANSERJ) welcomes submissions of scholarly research related to the nonprofit sector and the social economy.This is an exciting time for the nonprofit governance research!Significant progress notwithstanding, practitioners and researchers alike continue to find it a challenge to fully understand the variations that exist among nonprofit boards and the ways they engage in governance.There is growing use of new and unique forms of organization and organized action, including various forms of networks and distributed systems of service delivery (including collective impact and community engagement governance initiatives).How is governance in these forms similar and different, and what are the implications of these forms for governance of the individual organizations that participate in them?As we identify and work to understand all of these kinds of challenges and dynamics, are we developing new research models or methods that are better suited to the next generation of governance research? These topics illustrate many (though certainly not all) of the kinds of questions and issues that are relevant to the 2015 conference.The deadline for receipt of proposals is January 15, 2015. For empirical papers, proposals will include a statement of the problems or issues to be considered, an overview of the relevant literature, a statement of the methods used and a discussion of anticipated results.The Council of Nonprofits provides Research, Reports, and Data on the Nonprofit Sector, a list of resources for individuals in the sector.James Zackal is a writer, music enthusiast, and Netflix addict.

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