Nike Business Plan

Also it involves signing up all the top athletes of country and shooting very expensive ad campaigns.

It also involves collaborating with local famous You Tube channels, television shows, funding movies and what not.

NIKE was scrutinized against sweatshop conditions at its overseas suppliers.

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Let us say Nike wants to capture a first world market like Australia then first Nike will do a SWOT analysis to check the environmental conditions first.

SWOT can include per capita income of Australia, average life span of people, government laws to set up factories, CSR (corporate social responsibility) , bank rates, relations and sanctions with other country, obesity levels, family values held by Australians etc.

after doing this it has be consciously taken care of that Nike might have to sell below market price initially to make a place.

Even further they are endorsing swimming, cycling greats (like lance Armstrong), table tennis and any know sport worldwide. Also they watch fashion trends closely and look out for what makes young demographic 16-35 years feel good about them.

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