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Because of this our protagonists feels as though he has been mislead and lied to about he true nature of human beings and the world around him.One point in the story that Eliezer questions his faith in God is when they are forced to watch the hanging of other prisoners, one time the Gestapo even hangs and kills a small child or being associated with the rebels.Eliezer has a hard time watching the other families interact because they no longer share a special bond of love but instead share the idea of selfishness.More than once Eliezer experiences the rupture of the bond a family shares between both the father and son.He has not seen his own face since he left Sighet over a year ago. The look in his eyes, as they stared into mine, has never left me." This stark image sums up much of the message of Night.

One day he musters the strength to get up and look at himself in a mirror.Like with all the prisoners having a change in heart and willing to do anything they can to survive the day including hurting and betraying their very own family’s, makes Eliezer question why God is so cruel, or if he exists at all.It’s in these moments that Eliezer has lost all faith he had in humanity and religion, which he had previously learned from Moshe.Without his father we would have seen the hope and humanity lost within Eliezer.The struggle for survival, under harsh conditions changes Eliezer as he undergoes some major changes, one of them being his total faith for his lord and saviour, which then switches to him being hollow of most human emotions.So instead Eliezer focuses on his father’s respect to all the other people stuck in the same predicament as him.Because Eliezer believed that his father would die without his support was his one sole reason for not letting the Gestapo kill him in many instances.The story Night takes you on a heart-wrenching story about the events Eliezer must face in order to survive the concentration camps.While there were many challenges he struggles the most with the concept of maintaining his faith in his benevolent God.He describes his bond with his father as a support system; they both ensure the other has enough to survive through the day.Their love and commitment for each other makes up for the lack of faith in God Eliezer feels.

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