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Now whilst it’s certainly true that there are stories designed for travel, for thousands of years even a story arriving in a entirely new landscape would be swiftly curated into the bog lands and granite outcrops of its new home.

The inner seemed more interesting than anything going on ‘out there’.For a while you are not the sole master of your destiny, but in the unruly presence of something vaster. This is not in any way to claim redundancy to modern literature, but simply to hold up the notion of living myth. It is not hard then to suggest that we are fundamentally askew in our approach: we are simply not up to the intelligence of what the story is offering.You may have to get used to spending a little time on one knee. Without a degree of submission, healing, ironically, cannot enter. Our so-called sophistication has our sensual intelligence in a head-lock and is literally squeezing the life out of it.Mythology and fairy tales regained a legitimacy amongst adults as a viable medium to understand the workings of their own psychological lives.By the development of metaphor, tales of sealskins and witches’ huts became the most astonishing language with which to apprehend much of what seemed to lurk underneath their everyday encounters and decision making.We have lost a lot of the fundamental house-making skills for how to welcome a story.Around halfway through the last century, something wonderful happened.In the living world, when certain animal calls collide with another being, they send an echo back to the caller, giving even an almost blind creature a sense of what is in their surrounding domain.I think the Earth has always done something similar.No teller worth their salt would just stumble through the outline and think it was enough, the vital organs would be the mnemonic triggers of the valley or desert it now abided in.This was a protracted courtship to the story itself. Oral culture has always been about local embedding, despite the big human questions that cannot help but sweep up between cultures.

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