Newspaper Article On Travel And Tourism

In any article related to travel, I analyzed structure, pace, and the writer’s voice.

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Reading so many different stories, I began to internalize my analysis of the skeleton of the travel story. From newspaper travel articles, I branched out and studied travel-themed narratives in magazines and literary journals.

Let the descriptions be absorbed in your thinking process so that the next time you read a travel article, you can identify the characteristics. ning your skills to match a publication’s editorial posture is to be aware of the various types of articles that come under the rather large heading of travel writing.

If you have written an unpublished travel article, reread it to determine where it might ? Consider minor changes to the article that might place it in a de? This chapter should stimulate your marketing sense, too. As you read travel articles, be sensitive to which category the piece matches and notice the word choice, style, and voice used by the writer.

Travel writing evolves as its practitioners broaden their interests and hone their skills.

While you read my descriptions of the types of travel articles, make your own evaluations.

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