New Year Wishes Essay

The Christmas is celebrating the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ.Some people celebrate Christmas in peculiar way, but the overall intention is to celebrate Christ’s birth.I am very excited at the thought of all the things that await for us on the next 12 months, I do not know whether they will be good or bad things, all I know is that if I have your love I will be able to overcome any challenge, as what I want most is for us to continue writing more chapters of our wonderful love story.Life has given me many great blessings, but none of them compares to the fact of having met you and being able to enjoy your love, which is why I send you this letter to express all my love and my best wishes for New Year’s Eve.

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Nobody really knows the exact date of the birth date of Jesus.The joy I felt was because you were by my side me at all times and together we managed to overcome all the challenges that arose, besides, I am confident that we will continue to be as united as ever on the next 365 days.I never want you to have doubts about the love I feel for you, I promise that I will try my best to prove to you at all times, so we can be happier than ever. You are the cutest girl of all and I am happy to have your love and to be able to enjoy every day by your side.Throughout this year we have lived wonderful experiences, on some locations we shed tears, but on others we were incredibly happy.Nonetheless, the important thing is that we stay together and that we were able to demonstrate that our love is true.It’s a tradition in the Christmas festival that people send beautiful greeting cards to their friends and relatives on this day.Everyone, family, colleagues and friends are involved in celebrating this special occasion in some way or other.In this festival there is a tradition of giving confectionery, chocolate, greeting card, Christmas tree, ornamental items, to family members, friends, relatives and neighbors. To make this day memorable some people sing, dance, and celebrate the party, celebrate with their loved ones.People believed that Lord Ishu has been sent to the earth to save humanity.However, in 137 AD, the Bishop of Rome ordered Christ’s birthday to be celebrated as an important fest.In 350 AD, another Roman bishop named Julius chose December 25 as the celebration day of Christmas since then. On this occasion, we invite our friends and close relatives to food and party and exchange gifts. It also spreads message of sacrifice, peace, unity to mankind. 🎄I wish we can put up a few of their Christmas spirit in jars and open a jar of it every single month. 🎄Christmas is doing just a little something extra to get somebody.

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