New Deal Dbq Essay

Firstly, many people believed that the New Deal went against the basic principles of the American constitution.Many people, including the Republicans, thought that the government should not interfere with the economy or help the poor, i.e. However, Roosevelt defied this by setting up social welfare systems and by setting up the National Industry Recovery Act.It clearly stopped the Depression from getting worse; gave hope and confidence to the American people at the worst tome in their history; and 'saved' American democracy.But why did it face so much opposition and criticism.To the American people who were used to coming into contact with the government only at the post office and on other infrequent occasions, Roosevelt’s system was ground-breaking; never before had the government intervened to help farmers in need (AAA), or homeowners struggling with mortgages (HOLC), or families starving during the winter (CWA). government would not help its own citizens, then who would?

Roosevelt’s administration to the problems of the Great Depression. How did they change the role of the federal government? Roosevelt’s presidency, his administration helped and tried to solve the problems of the Great Depression.

Unlike previous presidents, Roosevelt believed that the American government had an obligation to help its citizens in a crisis.

Roosevelt also felt that doing and he was criticized frequently for this.

These men served doing useful, but (some would say) unnecessary tasks like reforesting, firefighting, draining swamps, and controlling floods.

The Works Progress Administration, or WPA, was another extremely helpful agency during the Depression, putting million dollars into public buildings, bridges, and hard-surfaced roads, creating millions of new jobs.

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