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In tandem with working for détente with the Soviet Union, he played a central role in helping to end 23 years of diplomatic isolation and mutual suspicion between the United States and China as well as, after the 1973 Yom Kippur war, to orchestrate disengagement agreements between Egypt and Israel as well as Syria and Israel.

Negotiation starts from the first communication between the buyer and the supplier right through to the final signing of the contract.

Read more » The debt ceiling talks between Congress and the White House have brought the importance of negotiations front and center.

There have been many articles written about why the talks stalled or why a deal was so hard to negotiate...

Here is a great summary of potential articles that you may find of interest related to negotiation. The articles are free, but don't let the price keep you from realizing the tremendous value of these articles to you when you are involved in a negotiation. From the right of first refusal in real estate to solutions for avoiding intercultural barriers to communication at the negotiation table, here are the 10 top business negotiations article on the PON website Here are the top ten business negotiations articles on the Program on Negotiation website.Another blog I follow is the Harvard Program on Negotiation from the Harvard Law School.As a mediator and consultant on negotiations related to conflict that is business to business, business to government (often IRS related) and within businesses, I am constantly learning from my actual experiences with clients as well as staying current on various articles, books and blogs.In a forthcoming paper, the authors will examine these and other major events in which Henry Kissinger played leading roles in order to extract their most important insights into the principles and practice of effective negotiation.Key concepts include: Henry Kissinger played key roles in many important diplomatic negotiations. Throughout his time as National Security Advisor and Secretary of State, Kissinger exerted a strong influence on American foreign policy.This paper develops a model of optimal contract duration arising from underlying supply costs and transaction costs. Paltering is a gentle form of lying, but is reviled by negotiators on the receiving end.The model allows for the quantification of transaction costs, which are often unobserved, and the impact of these costs on welfare. Open for comment; Many Internet users don't give a second thought to copying and reusing an image.The President utilized a tactic known as “fait accompli...Read more » With so many good articles on topics relating to business and negotiation around the web, Negotiation Space has rounded up three for your perusal. Although it is not something we advocate, it seems being mean and disagreeable can be advantageous for men in a negotiation...Much has been written about Henry Kissinger the diplomat and United States secretary of state, but surprisingly little about Kissinger the dealmaker.A trio of Harvard scholars remedies that with Kissinger the Negotiator: Lessons from Dealmaking at the Highest Level.

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