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And the whole schema, including the notion of a business plan as the formal way to teach how to start a business in a college classroom, is geared to 20-year-olds.Much of our mythology is that unicorn companies are started by people, like Mark Zuckerberg, who are in their 20s.But the reality is, the vast majority of people who start businesses are middle-career people who have been surprised by the fact that they actually had an idea, and their idea was good enough to build a business around.Another thing wrong with how we write about entrepreneurship, how it’s taught, is that somehow people set out to be entrepreneurs as if they set out to be a dentist or an accountant.A finely crafted, tightly defined, highly detailed business plan seems like a perfectly rational tool for getting your entrepreneurial ideas off the ground. Schramm, an economist, Syracuse University professor and former president of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation — a non-profit that encourages entrepreneurship — says that crafting a business plan is one of the biggest misconceptions about how to start a company on the right footing.

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In the book, I make the case that the most effective place to learn how to be entrepreneurial is to go into a big company. More innovation happens in big companies than, for example, university laboratories. [email protected]: You give real-world examples in the book, including the story about vacuum cleaning company Dyson. James Dyson was an industrial designer by background, and he came to the view that vacuum cleaners had been a technology that hadn’t moved very far. If your idea clicks and you can make it work, and you haven’t taken your company public — that is, you still control it — you’re going to work there for the rest of your life. It’s an important point, particularly for people who are in higher education.” Even grammar school children get courses and exposure to entrepreneurship.At the university level, it’s now a major in probably 3,000 colleges and universities.I’ve seen students who are passionate about having a web app for frying pans. I’ve judged business plan competitions at the college level and seen the same idea come up five times.Invent a sensor for a frying pan, and it tells you on your phone when your eggs are cooked.I said, “Holy smokes, if I want to really make this work and actually change the world, I can’t do it by writing an academic paper.I have to start a business.” [email protected]: How should we teach our kids about entrepreneurship? Because if you look empirically at where entrepreneurs come from, if they have formal training, it’s not in entrepreneurship.They’re a different breed, and they’re really geniuses. That all happens because of people who are creative and gifted in business and the invention of things that help other people.The reality is that 95% of kids graduating from college this year are going to work in companies. And [taking] these things to market [requires] very, very creative skills.So, I largely view the creation of a business plan as something of a waste of time.The third problem is that it seems to make starting a business somewhat like a cookbook.

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