Nature Vs Nurture Essay In Cold Blood

Offspring size was also measured and was found to be primarily genetically inherited and not significantly influenced by foster parent size.Although this study considers personality inheritance in zebra finches, it raises questions about the inheritance of personality in other species, including humans.In Truman Capote’s famous non-fiction novel, In Cold Blood, there is evidence that supports the injustices of the trial: death penalty.The final outcome of the trail was never to be any different than death.Despite their differences, Perry’s upbringing and Dick’s genetic disposition allow both men to share a disregard for life, which becomes apparent on the night they gruesomely burglarized and murdered four innocent members of the Clutter family.Unable to conform to society’s norms, Richard Eugene Hickcok is raised by his parents who are modest farmers.

Capote repeatedly interprets Smith’s actions towards Hickock as showing his morality, where Hickock is voiced has having none. Some were shy, staying mainly in one place while others explored widely demonstrating a more outgoing personality.Male and female birds were then paired up and allowed to breed.Shortly after his divorce from his first wife Dick remarries, but his second marriage ... It is quite evident that a combination of life experiences and heredity determine who one eventually becomes.Some people are blessed by having a good childhood and coming from a loving and nurturing home, which allows them to flourish in society; yet there are others who come from similar backgrounds are unable of functioning in society.Capote gives the killers a voice to show their humanity by giving childhood accounts of their lives.He questions the justice of is the death penalty fair, and if inherent evil is a product of childhood or society. Capote gives a look into the minds of the killers and the nature vs. The detailed account the killers’ childhoods makes the reader sympathize with the Clutter family’s killers Smith and Hickock. Did Truman Capote take a stand on the death penalty? ...ionship with Smith during his time on Death Row, making his unbiased writing biased.Richard Mulcaster, a British instructor of English, once wrote, “Nature makes the boy toward, nurture sees him forward.” Mulcaster recognizes that both genetic and environmental factors determine the type of a person one becomes.Truman Capote’s nonfiction novel, In Cold Blood gives the reader an opportunity to see prime examples of how nature and nurture influence one’s character.Although the actions were crul and grusome, does Death Row fit what they did if their pasts, childhood environments and situation, are bad.Capote shows the effect of childhood on the killers and if the death penalty is fair.

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