Nature Scenery Essay

There are 419 Natura 2000 sites, as well as 4 Geoparks that are part of the European Geoparks Network (EGN): Lesvos and its fossilized forest, the Natural Park of Psiloritis on Crete, the Helmos-Vouraikos National Park in the Peloponnese and the Vikos-Aoos National Park in the Zagorohoria region of Epirus.

The wetlands of Greece Greece’s 400 wetlands are places of special beauty and many are protected by the Ramsar Convention or belong to the Natura 2000 network.

Then the folly and shortsightedness of this age will meet with a degree of censure and reproach not pleasant to contemplate." In the same document, Ewbank also warns that "the vast multitudes of bisons slain yearly, the ceaseless war carried on against them, if continued, threatens their extermination, and must hereafter cause deep regret;" especially in view of "their great strength and docility, when tamed, and their capacity for being drilled to the yoke,...

it should never be said that the noblest of American indigenous ruminants have become extinct." Articles on the long-term harm produced by forest destruction appear in the reports of the commissioners of patents and of agriculture in this decade and during the 1860s.

The locals will welcome you at traditional guest houses and family-run hotels.

Ecotourism in Greece Are you an ecotourism enthusiast seeking a memorable ecotourism experience in Greece?

Citing the observations of Alexander von Humboldt and others on the effects of deforestation, Thomas Ewbank, the United States Commissioner of Patents, warns in his two-volume Report of the Commissioner of Patents, for the Year 1849 (House of Representatives Executive Document No.

20) that "the waste of valuable timber in the United States, to say nothing of firewood, will hardly begin to be appreciated until our population reaches fifty millions.

The nation with the eleventh longest coastline in the world, and which is also 80% mountains and hills, beckons you.

Traditional upland villages with their special architecture and customs that go back centuries will welcome you in Pelion, Zagorohoria, Meteora, Olympus, Pindos, Rhodopi, mountainous Arcadia, Messinia, mountainous Nafpaktia, Taygetos, Parnon, and of course Crete with Psiloritis (Mt Ida), the Lefka Oroi (White Mountains) and their spectacular gorges.

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