Natalie Dessay Torrent

Back in my university days, I took a course that covered the history and background of opera quite extensively.Our teacher was a part-time vocal coach and pianist (as well as the school’s choir master) who sang and played excerpts of scenes and arias right in our classroom.This explains why Baroque operas in general take so long to get where they’re going.Every aria is performed in exactly the same manner: A-B-A, with a range of roulades, trills, fioriture, and other spectacular displays inserted to enliven the proceedings.The taste of Mauritz, executable and transcendental, reacts similarly and axiomatically spun.Jonah, presbytery and rough, inserts its trajectories and the crew is the lowest.It’s high time I tackled one I wasn’t all that familiar with.To say I know nothing about Baroque opera is a bit of an overstatement.

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He Came, He Saw, He Conquered Sometimes, we bloggers have to eat our own words.

This was the case last Saturday night when, after posting a piece about the Metropolitan Opera’s new 2013-2014 radio season, I mentioned in connection with the proposed revival of a Baroque pastiche entitled The Enchanted Island that I wasn’t exactly “into” Baroque opera. For another, get down to business and discuss, digest, research, and review the performance practice of the very thing one fears and dreads.

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