Narrative Essay Prompts High School

It might have been earning a particular score on the SAT.

Maybe you improved your personal best time in a race.

Focus on the topic and take your reader through your best memories.

If you allow your words to flow naturally, you will create a fascinating story.

Because writing a personal narrative does not require any research or special preparation, it's a great writing assignment to start the year with, and it can give you a sense for how your teacher thinks and grades.

Think about a time when you taught somebody to do something outside of school.

To create a masterpiece, take your time to come up with the right topic.

There are numerous essay ideas you can find online, but none match our selection below.

After you tell the story, write about how the experience changed you and how you might have missed out on the good if it weren't for the bad.

Recall an event in your life that seemed bad at the time but turned out to be good.

Perhaps you got sick right before the concert you'd be practicing for and couldn't participate, but while you were in the hospital, you made a friend who changed your life.

People have all kinds of personal rituals in their lives.

Maybe they always read the newspaper during breakfast, prepare for tests the same way or complete their warm-up exercises in a special order before a big game.

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