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I would argue that it is the fact that the mythology of Homer and Hesiod was so deeply embedded in the entire culture of the Hellenes that accounts for the resilience of that mythology.One might be tempted to go so far as to say that, in some sense, there was a kind of cultural totalitarianism at work in the Greek world.The pervasiveness of the Greek Mythology research papers show how mythology in the culture of ancient Greece is beyond denial.Not only in the temple, but at the theater, during a walk in the country, during ordinary conversation, and at sporting events, the man/woman of ancient Greece underwent a constant exposure to stories, images, analogies, figures of speech, and other aspects of cultural and linguistic practice that referred to the system of mythology presented in Homer and photographs of the masterpieces of Greek vase painting; nearly all of them involved mythological figures. Mythological figures were commonplace on tableware, furniture, wall paintings, coins, and jewelry.The preponderant themes of Greek sculpture from the sixth century B. The tragic drama of Greece was overwhelmingly mythological: of the surviving works of Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides were based on mythology; it was only the comedies that departed from mythological themes.

Thus, in the , he had Socrates say to those who had condemned him to death, that if death were to take one to an afterlife in which one met those who had already died, then “How much would one of you give to meet Orpheus and Musaeus, Hesiod, and Homer?One was confronted in every aspect of life with these stories and tales; they were powerful conditioners of the mentality of the times.Plato did not believe in Homer, but he quoted him more than one hundred times.The whole of Greek culture made use of myths as paradigms.The myths can be seen as a representation of the world, as a method of conceptualizing the world.People did not need to believe in their literal truth to make use of them.Plato, for example, presented his cosmology in the dialogue , he spoke of Hesiod and Homer as having erred in their portrayal of the nature of the Gods and argued that in his perfect state people would not be allowed to read them.You will find interesting events and cultures if you dig deep into the Greek mythology and it will show you great acts and adventures accomplished by these heroes.You can talk about several beliefs and events that are said to influence the political, cultural, and religious lives of the people of Greece.But, while denying in formal argument that Homer and Hesiod were veridical in their description of the Gods and the cosmos, Plato still made extensive use of the material contained in their works.The various tales of the Gods and Heroes were used as a kind of cultural short hand by Plato; they were not believed in but they “stood for”, i.e. The stories about them, taken in the aggregate, constituted a kind of language of experience.

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