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This statement will keep you on track throughout your thesis.

The thesis statement is usually placed at the last line of the introducing paragraph.

Set the paper aside for a few days and go back and review it with fresh eyes. Format the thesis according to the guidelines required by your professor.You will find interesting events and cultures if you dig deep into the Greek mythology and it will show you great acts and adventures accomplished by these heroes.You can talk about several beliefs and events that are said to influence the political, cultural, and religious lives of the people of Greece.Use attention-catching statements or ideas in the introduction to draw the reader in. In the Greek mythology example, you can talk about some of the main Greek characters that are frequently used, such as Zeus or Achilles.Finish the paper with a strong conclusion that recaps the points you were making.Many humanity programs, such as English and history, allow you to write about mythology.This topic is varied and can include topics like Greek or Egyptian mythology.Shara JJ Cooper graduated with a bachelor's degree in journalism in 2000, and has worked professionally ever since.She has a passion for community journalism, but likes to mix it up by writing for a variety of publications.For example, start by talking about Greek mythology in TV and some of the characters that stem from it like the maenads in "True Blood."Add the introduction when the body of the paper is finished.This is where you make your main points about the mythology you researched and demonstrate what you are going to prove in your thesis.

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