Mystery Book Report For 4th Grade

In the first story, their only way out of the Fairy Tale world is to find the ingredients for a Wishing Spell.Finding the items will be dangerous, mysterious, and life-changing. by Mac Barnett and Jory John, illustrated by Kevin Cornell REALISTIC / HUMOR If you like funny, you’ll LOVE this series!Beautiful artwork with compelling characters and an adventurous plot make this a sure-fire hit with young readers.The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer FANTASY Fairy tales become very real when Alex and Conner (a brother and sister) find themselves taken to the fairy tale world through a book given to them by their grandmother.

Finally, read what happens when these two creatures face-off. See all the addicting informational books in the Who Would Win series.It all goes downhill from there: The seeds turn in to a freaky, monster-growing garden which attacks them, their neighbor secretly steals some 0f the seeds, a dragon appears with a dire warning, and Maddy is kidnapped by one of the monsters! Now the kids are on their own and need money to survive.The only way they know is to find a treasure and sell it.In her pursuit of this dream, she encounters and befriends a special dragon who will change the course of her life along with the magical dragon slippers that can help her speak or control her most esteemed dragon friend.Spralin ADVENTURE (SCI-FI) Get ready for a fast-paced adventure series about a mad scientist who creates a hybrid crocodile-dinosaur-bird killer creature to stop visitors from entering the Everglades. The funny cartoonish illustrations make this story of stray dogs easy to read, and very entertaining series for kids. When left to fend for themselves, the siblings discover something very suspicious at the old mansion down the street.But danger is around every wave and they’re not sure who to trust. And in this first story, they’ll have to save the world when the wizard’s powers are taken away.This is a fast, action-packed adventure that sets the tone for more books to come. The Familiars series by Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson FANTASY My kids and I are big fans of this series. Great for kids who love animals and magical adventures.They’re excellent, fast-paced adventures set during significant historical events.Your kids will zip through these adventures, learning history in the process.That’s when he and his friend accidentally let a Sasquatch escape. Now the pair must lure the big guy back before the townspeople find out.(Easier said than done.) This series is an entertaining Lauren Tarshis HISTORICAL FICTION / ADVENTURE Wow – these are addicting reads!

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