My Work Experience Essay

During the week, myself or other staff members host events to students that our student programming office holds or by other offices/clubs.The majority of my role is to monitor the lounge to ensure that it is clean and that students are respecting everything in it.Read on to learn more about my experiences as my first part-time job, a work study position working in my campus’s student lounge.Prior to this, I had only worked as a seasonal employee at Edible Arrangements during the Christmas holiday season.I am particularly proud that in every one of my past jobs I was promoted in less than 6 months.

Dear Sir/Madam, Application for Paralegal Position I am writing to apply for the position of Paralegal.When working, I am allowed to work on homework and study as long as I am working on school work.This is definitely helpful because as a college freshman, in the beginning as I was learning to adjust to the heavy work load this took an ease off the stress.However, this has improved overtime as I worked more often.At the student lounge, my ultimate role is to manage the lounge and ensure that whoever walks whether being students, faculty or guest visiting the campus, overall feel welcome.The student programming office, which runs the student lounge, is understanding with ensuring that the students working put school first and they do not fall behind.All who work at the lounge are split up among the four managers and every month they follow up with us on what we need to improve on, how they can help us and any concerns we may have.To reach deadlines, I learnt to prioritise and manage my time effectively which I know will be important in legal carrier.In addition to the qualifications I have gained and the extracurricular activities I have described one notable academic achievement of mine is that in 2009 I obtained the only mini-pupilage awarded at XYZ University to be given to a penultimate year student I have completed a Legal Practice Course at the College where I master my knowledge in Business and Finance Law, Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Property Law and additionally Employment Law, Commercial Law and Acquisitions.I gained my degree in Law in 2010 which provided me with my initial insight into legal studies.Through essay writing and extensive reading and researching I developed skills in logical and systemic thinking, enabling me to make valid conclusions and sustainable judgements.

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