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Here we have tight integration with other Uni SA systems, so due dates, summative/formative status come from an up-stream system.That's a whole other ballgame I won't go into here The real benefits we feel are in the Student side.As they say, a picture is worth 1000 words, so I'll include some screenshots of what functionality we have currently.As an aside, our Extensions module also integrates with Quiz (1.9, slight hack there! Bear with me while these screenshots step back in time to 1.9!I'm sure you'll understand, but of course that's where the community comes in, and the open nature of the module will mean that anyone is free to modify the code to suit them and contribute it back (or not! On the surface it works well, but under the skin there is a lot of work to do to port it following the full Moodle standards, with a view to having the code extensively used out in the community (particularly the Higher Ed sector).Now, to whet your appetite, what we have now is as follows.Student can submit Google Drive files through Resources and from the Google Drive Resource App.For more detailed information on how to review and submit course assignments on the i OS application, see this article.

These staff members are as selected in the Wizard; however again this will need to be configurable in the community version of this module so that it works standalone.

At Moodle Moot 2012 we met a lot of people from the Tertiary sector that were as passionate as we are about moving Moodle forward, especially for our sector.

We were excited to hear the new Assign module would have extensions, however it doesn't implement as much functionality as we have now.

When teachers create an assignment with submissions enabled, students can submit files directly on Schoology.

The recommended workflow to submit assignments will vary based on how students are submitting their work: Students can also submit materials to an assignment using the integrated Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive for Business resource apps, which they can access from the Resources tab.

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