My Son The Fanatic Essay

Parvez seemingly has lived in Britain for nearly twenty years; he has greatly adapted to British culture and lived a happy and free life.

He was born in Lahore where he was taught the Koran.

I always felt that the door of opportunity in this country was always open, provided you were willing to work freeing Antigone from her "bridal chamber where all are laid to rest" (900).

Finding out about the death of his son, wife and Antigone he then undergoes complete anagnorisis.

Hammer is the author-narrator of the film, "Interviews with My Lai Veterans." As a reporter for the New York Times, Hammer wrote many articles concerning the war in Vietnam.

Hammer researched this book in both Vietnam and here in America by interviewing both the Vietnamese survivors always held the small hope that somehow, I would come to America.

In school “the Maulvi had attached a string to the ceiling and tied it to Parvez’ hair to stop him from falling asleep, while he was studying the Koran.” This most likely caused Parvez to turn away from his strict religion.

He seemed to live through his son, and in turn had a lot of dreams for his son to achieve.

My Son the Fanatic Hanif Kureishi’s short story “My Son the Fanatic” is the story of two competing beliefs: Ali’s passion for anti western Islam, and his father Parvez’s dream of providing for his family.

Both father and son have different views on how to live life, and the idea of religion.

Instead of the usual tangle of clothes, books, cricket bats, video games, the room was becoming neat and ordered; spaces began appearing where before there had been only mess.

Initially Parvez had been pleased: his son was outgrowing his teenage attitudes.

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