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This proverb exhausts that mother is the only personality who teaches the first word to call her and morality that the child has to follow throughout the life in order to make her child grow into a total personality.

Whatever the mother teaches her child it creates permanent impression in the heart and mind of the child and so the life of the child gets embodied with the mother’s teaching.

Best of all, when it came to a challenge, they never backed down and keep trying until they figured out a solution.

With them teaching me these things as I grew up, I feel that I had better relationships with my co-workers and other colleagues.

My dad is a man that will strike up a conversation with a stranger that is standing in front of us at any store or restaurant.

With my mom being a teacher, she has to constantly talk with parents and discuss how her students are doing in class.

In two months, my father will celebrate his 60th as well. And I regret not being able to be there to celebrate with them. There were also times when the bank accounts were healthy. My mother and father were always open to being challenged in new ways. If a need in the community was articulated, my parents were among the first to be there.

My mother and father have been wonderful parents to me. And my parents taught and modeled what it means to be a good friend to others. There were numerous times growing up when money was tight. Even more impressive, my parents were content then as well. They set a healthy example from the very beginning that life is not all about getting…

As I grew up, they taught me morals and values that I still keep in high standards today.Another great way my parents influenced me was teaching me how to communicate with other people.My parents are very good at making conversation with strangers when we are in public.They have worked hard to provide a stable foundation for my life and future. They have taught me invaluable lessons about work, marriage, parenting, relationships, and life. My mom worked a number of jobs while I was growing up ― including being a teacher. The impression of mother’s teaching is so strong so as to say that the wise mother who rocks the cradle makes her child great who can rule the world.Only those children, after they grow into adults, adore their mothers as God.It is the mother who sees the first smile on the lips of the child and makes it a permanent one with her teaching.I’ve had many great people who have come into my life, but I would have to say that my parents have influenced me more than anyone else.I learned that to receive respect, I have to treat others with respect first.That is one very important lesson that I will never forget. My parents would be the people that would volunteer to lead a group if no one else would and then devote 100% of themselves to the task at hand.

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