My Favourite Weather Winter Essay

The weather also makes it easier to do and enjoy outdoor activities.

Another great thing about spring that I think everyone notices and enjoys, is that the days get longer.

WINTER IN BANGLADESH PARAGRAPH: There are six seasons in Bangladesh. Generally, it starts in November and lasts up to February. Mists begin to fall at night and disappear as the sun rises in the morning. Parents and legal guardians of young boys and girls keep waiting for this season to marry them off.

In the spring all of the birds come out as well and it is nice to wake up to the birds chirping.

When I was younger I would build treehouses and hang them in the spring for all the birds to come eat and sit on it.

When the sun sets later, there seems to be more time in the day and to have fun outside.

It’s great for cookouts and bonfires, and also seems to start like summer nights.

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