My Dog Does My Homework Creative Nonfiction Writing Techniques

It is never acceptable to just use output derived from an unknown set of assumptions and algorithms.

For example, reliance on outside models is addressed in ASOP No.

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Usually, it’s a fib to cover up the fact that the student watched TV or shot hoops the night before the homework was due. In this poem I concoct a scenario likely to be believed (and taken seriously) by the teacher.

So now my homework’s ripped to shreds and full of slimy goo. I’m going to dump it on your desk if I don’t get an A. “My dog chewed up my homework” is a common excuse used by students who don’t turn in their homework.

He visits schools, because he loves hanging out with kids (unfortunately, his grandchildren live in Sweden, so he only sees them once a year).

38, Using Models Outside the Actuary’s Area of Expertise (Property and Casualty).

Selection of assumptions for pension valuations is covered in ASOPs 27 and 35.

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