My Dad Is My Hero Essay Math Problem Solving Strategies Worksheets

I truly believe that if it wasn’t for my Mom, I wouldn’t be the respectful and appreciative person I am today.

She has truly been there for me my entire life, and I look up to her for that and one day I want my kids to look up to me in that sort of way.

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My mom has given me self esteem and encouragement to goals that I want to fulfill in my life.

She has always told me that I can do anything that I set my mind to.

She has made sure I have had the best of things and works very hard for the things I need.

She is not only my mom; she is also my best friend.

For everything we have been through together, my mom is the best of the best and nobody can compare to what she has done for me.

I can honestly say my Mother has been my hero my entire life.

My mom has helped me through many rough times in my 17 years of life.

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